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Create time: 2018-08-13

In the past two years, the state has been particularly strict with environmental protection, fire protection and safety. Many factories in Shenzhen have actively or passively moved to Dongguan city and Huizhou city. Those who can stay are some of the more powerful companies that meet the Shenzhen policy.

Shenzhen LKS Technology Co., Ltd., a professional earphone factory, was born in Shenzhen, developed in Shenzhen, and will also be rooted in Shenzhen.


In response to the requirements of Shenzhen City Safety Supervision, headphone manufacturers Shenzhen LKS Technology are also constantly cooperating with the rectification of the safety supervision department, so that the company's production and operation is more and more standardized, so that environmental protection and safety are integrated into production and operation.

 safety production special training 01

On August 9th, 2018, the company's general manager was on a business trip, and the company's proprietress personally gave the staff of the audience a special training on safety production. The main contents are:

1. Dust explosion safety accident prevention points

2. Points for prevention of falling safety accidents in high places

3. Lithium battery safety accident prevention points

4. Risk prevention points for hazardous chemicals

5. Power safety precautions

6. Safety accident prevention points in warehouses and workshops

As a professional earphone manufacturer, the dust explosion and the fall of the high point are far away from us, but the lithium battery for Bluetooth headset, hazardous chemicals, electricity safety, and safety accidents in warehouses and workshops are with us. Employees are closely related.

 safety production special training 02

The training was personally trained by senior leaders, reflecting the company's high regard for environmental protection and safe production. It has greatly enhanced employees' awareness of environmental protection and safety. This will play an important guiding role in the production and life of employees, allowing employees to work happily and safely in the factory.

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