Strengthen safety education and achieve universal health

Create time: 2018-08-06

The safety issue is around us. There are both the people’s fall on the road, the tragedy like the Yunnan Railway Station, and the scenes of natural disasters such as landslides and mudslides. The safety issue should not be underestimated. Good protection of the physical and mental health of the whole people


On August 3, the headphones manufacturer company LKS organized staff to actively participate in the Shenzhen Science Popularization Center staff to hold a safety seminar on the theme of strengthening safety education and achieving the health of the whole people. At the meeting, the staff explained to us some Basic help tips, such as how to rescue people who suddenly faint, how to save people better and safer

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At the meeting, in order to better familiarize the employees with the operation, the host not only personally demonstrated the correct rescue action, but also invited the company employees present to take the stage to practice. It is very interactive and gives employees a deeper understanding. When it comes to security issues, it can be easily solved.

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For the things that are related to them, the attending staff are also listening very seriously.

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Security issues are not only things that companies need to pay attention to, but also the attention and protection that everyone needs. Security is no small matter. I believe this lecture will bring benefits to employees.


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