The Rich Headphone Products of Shenzhen LKS Tech

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      As a professional headphone manufacturer, Shenzhen LKS Technology Co., Ltd has an range of products. There are varies headphones, in ear headphones , earphones, ear hooks, Bluetooth Headsets ,Data cables, selfie sticks, 3D VR glasses and other mobile phones, computer accessories.

the headphone sample room of Shenzhen LKS Tech

The headphone sample room of Shenzhen LKS Tech

      Headphone products include low, medium and high grade. We have different kinds of EXW price headphone which range from a few yuan of the aviation headsets, gift headsets (mainly for the wired headset, in-ear headphones, earbuds) to hundreds yuan of Bluetooth headset (headset, noise reduction headphones, ear cover, large headsets).

over ear headphones

Left: Airline headphone, LX-AL03,  right: Noise Cancelling headphone, LX-BH519

hot selling headphones LX-L107

The patent headphones, cat ear headphone series

      Shenzhen LKS Technology Co., Ltd has its own research and development department, its own injection mould department. Each year, we will be able to develop a number of new private mode headphones and have a number of global hot selling headphones. In order to guarantee the customer’s rights and maximize the interests greatly, we can apply for the multinational patents ( United States patent , China patent and European patent , etc.). Of course, we limit the price in each big electric business platform (Aliexpress, Amazon, Ebay, etc.). Let headset products continue to sell hot, and avoid falling into vicious competition which damages the interests of all parties.


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