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Create time: 2017-05-02

      Bacardi is the largest family private of wine manufacturer in the world, including Bacardi Superior
and Bacardi 151 brand Rum etc. It sales more than 200 million bottles in 200 countries around the world each year. Bacardi is derived from pure, smooth and high-grade Rum in Cuban Santiago.
      It contains a symbol of Latin Caribbean spirit of freedom, color and passion. Also Bacardi is the best-selling high-end strong wine in the world, hot selling in more than 170 countries.
Bat symbolizes good fortune and wealth in Cuba and it has been more than 130 years history since Bat appears on Bacardi wine bottle.

Bacardi logo

      Bacardi orders two custom headband headphones:
1)Black color + velvet earmuff. It has the same color as the bat, and similar to the bat-like velvet earmuffs, which exactly conforms to Cuban culture.
2)White color + protein earmuffs. The headphone color scheme is also very popular with the public aesthetic and it is very simple.

customized headphone of bacardi

headband headphone oem

bacardi headphone

      Bacardi is the world-famous professional wine manufacturer. Although LKS is not as famous as Bacardi, LKS is a professional manufacturer of headphone and earphone in Shenzhen China.
      Our earphones factory  have perfect system, sufficient productivity and professional service team. So we can cooperate with Bacardi without obstacle, and can complete the order in time with high quality according to Bacardi’s requirement. Our company (Shenzhen LKS Technology CO.,Ltd) also looks forward to establishing a long term cooperation with you!

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