China Headsets Supplier And Captain Morgan

Create time: 2017-04-29

      Captain Morgan is a famous beer brand and it’s originally produced in Jamaica but canned in Australia. Captain Morgan is classified as captain Morgan black rum, Captain Morgan golden rum, and captain Morgan white rum.



      Captain Morgan selected an in-ear earphone with white and red as the main colors and silver as modification. This in-ear earphones is packed in a portable transparent square box. Captain Morgan’s unique logo is printed both on the earbuds and the lid of the plastic box, which makes the earphone look characteristics and striking.

in ear earphone with captain morgan logo

      Besides the middle-sized silicone rubber earcap, there are backup S/L earcaps for customers with different sizes of ear canal. As is taken by most people, Rum is mostly related to man and the brand should be masculine. But this earphone shows Captain Morgan’s consideration for their customers.

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