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Create time: 2017-04-29

      Motorola Corporation (Inc Motorola), originally named as Galvin Manufacturing Corporation, was founded in 1928. It was renamed as Motorola in 1947 and was used as a trademark since 1930s. The headquartered is located in Schaumburg, Illinois, which is the outskirts of Chicago. Motorola is one of the Global Fortune 100 enterprises and is the world's leader of chip and electronic communications.manufacture.


      Same as Captain Morgan, Smino, Pepsi and other big brands, Motorola selected the same in-ear earphone LX-MQ01 for promotion. Taking this model as a prototype, Motorola customize the color, Logo, sound quality etc. to make this earphone with their own characteristics. This earphone LX-MQ01 is still a hot sale earphone. The feedbacks and inquiries from and Made-In-China never stop.

mtorala  customized earphone for mobile

      "Shenzhen LKS Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional earphone manufacturer. The earphones they made are with excellent quality and low defect rate. It saved a lot of time and energy to follow up the order. I really found the right manufacturer.” the Motorola’s clerk said, who is in charge of this promotional project.

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