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     New Balance has made constantly progress in technology materials, product appearance and comfort, since it was founded in 1906 in Boston, USA. The only thing has not been changed is that New Balance operates with high standard of ethics, 100% of customer satisfaction, and teamwork spirit, expecting to become a leader of high-tech and high-quality of world sports and leisure products.


      A brand lasting 100 years, still continues to use new technology to develop more ergonomic shoes. Now, it becomes the love brand of many successful entrepreneurs and political leaders, which is called as "President jogging shoes", "King of jogging shoes" in USA and many other countries. New Balance landed in China officially in 2003.

      Due to promotional demand, they found Shenzhen LKS Headphone Factory and finally confirmed the cooperation with each other after online communicate and factory visit personally. they ordered an in-ear earphone, with no microphone, with customized logo, and main color is white and red.


new balance logo earphone2


      Although the main material is ABS, not metal or wood, but it doesn’t look like a cheap earphone at all. The whole earphone is very excellent---the sound is very good, white ear cap, with the unique customized logo and color---all these features make the earphone full of personality. Though it's only a promotional earphone, New Balance still has high requirements about it, just the same strict as their shoes.

Newbalance  customized package

      New Balance puts forward their request from time to time, and LKS keeps improving to control the quality. Finally LKS managed to complete the big order on time.
      New Balance expressed their high appreciation toward LKS “ We are very satisfied with your products. And thanks very much for all your cooperation! ”

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